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Automatic Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Spray Dispenser Floor Standing


Avoid cross contamination during the pandemic for your staff and customers using Ocean Free touchless automatic hand sanitizer dispensers. Features a Health Canada compliant sealed cartridge system – eliminating the risk of contamination from refilling tanks and spillages – cartridge can be changed over in seconds. Suitable for domestic, food, industrial and institutional use. Suitable for use within a food-handling environment. Suitable for use in surgical and non-surgical medical facilities. Suitable for veterinary use. Used in hotels, hospitality, retail, offices, schools, universities etc. Battery powered – batteries last approx 30,000 dispenses. Prevents over dosing – accurate 0.6ml dose every time. Features a low battery LED indicator and lockable cover for ease of use. Includes 4x Batteries.

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Key Features

Features intelligent spray system - accurate dosage every time.
Hygienic touch free operation - reduces the spread of germs.
Uses the Ocean Free Health Canada compliant proprietary cartridge system - simply change the cartridge in seconds. No more spillage or contamination issues.
4x C batteries included.
CE / ROHS / FCC Certified dispenser. Exclusively works with lab proven antibacterial / antiviral / mycobactericidal / yeasticidal / medical grade Ocean Free sanitiser.

Technical Information

CE / ROHS / FCC Certified
Operating Temperature: 0°C~50°C
Battery Type: C / LR14 / MN1400 (x4)
Dosage: 0.6ml (+/-0.1ml)
Please note this dispenser works exclusively with Ocean Free Hand Sanitizer Rub refill cartridges and does not feature a refillable tank meeting Health Canada requirements.

Quality and Certifications

• Pharmaceutical grade - only pharmacopoeial 99.99% pure ingredients
• Manufacturing facility - ISO 22716:2007 GMP certified
• Distribution facility - ISO 13485:2016 Medical certified
• Health Canada NPN 80099562
• US FDA NDC 77385-033-76
• Fully Health Canada and US FDA compliant
• MSDS reports available

Lab Test Results

Our products have passed the following independent laboratory tests:
• EN 1500 Hygenic Handrub Efficiency Testing
• EN 1276 Chemical Disinfectants Bactericidal Activity Testing
• EN 1650 Fungicidal or Yeasticidal Activity for use in Food, Industrial & Institutional Areas
• EN 14476 Virucidal Activity for use in the Medical Area
• EN 13727 Bactericidal Activity for use in the Medical Area
• EN 13624 Fungicidal or Yeasticidal Activity for use in the Medical Area
• EN 14348 Mycobactericidal Activity for use in the Medical Area